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Anonymous asked:

Hey where have you been, did you quit? I miss your post! Come back to us soon!

Ubububuuuuu no I’m still here, don’t worry!!! Kehehe, sorry if I made it look like I’m dead. Nah the reason why I haven’t really posted is because the uhhh… Bara Well if you will has been pretty fuckin dry. Like MOST (not all) of the stuff I see other bara blogs posting is like stuff I’ve seen and maybe even posted a long while ago, so it kinda sucks that there isn’t much new stuff happening. Of course I’m not gonna sit there and be like ‘Wow bara artists why aren’t you getting any new stuff out!??? Work harder!!’ cause that would be mean and douchey. BUT YEAH, I’m still here, just laying low for a while is all. I haven’t forgotten about this blog at all!

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